To operate a high adventure tour professionally we need well-trained personnel who not only know how to connect a carabiner to a pulley, but have the foundation and knowledge to make responsible decisions under pressure, the self-discipline to behave professionally and follow the rules at all times, and the customer service skills to make each guest feel that he or she is the only person on the tour. Although no training program can guarantee that every graduate will be a superstar the first day on the job, a comprehensive system that addresses all the aspects of tour operation from equipment care to people skills goes along way towards building a professional team that will protect your investment and enhance your bottom line.




The High Adventure Technology Training Program is the most extensive in the industry providing 250 hours of instruction and practice so that the operations personnel, known as Tour Operation Technicians or ‘TECHS’ for short, may operate the canopy tour, zipline or rappel adventure, according to the High Adventure Technology Operations System. The five-week formal training course includes theory and skill development in tour operations, safety, mishap prevention, tour element and equipment care, handling and maintenance, guest service and emergency procedures among other topics. Skills are introduced in a low-angle, low-pressure environment to develop muscular memory and confidence before moving to the high angle environment for intensive practice. Training days can be grueling with up to ten hours of instruction and practice in all kinds of weather and trainees are expected to study, work on projects, practice knots and memorize briefings outside of class time – with no excuses accepted for not keeping up! To graduate, trainees must not only prove their technical ability but also demonstrate that they have the right attitude and ‘core values’ of conscientiousness, excellence, respect and care, required to operate the tour safely and professionally. Not surprisingly, about 25% of the trainees do not complete the program (so we always start more than are needed to operate) but you can be sure that those that do will be ready to do the job you expect from them!


The formal training course is followed by 30 hours (two weeks) of apprenticeship during which the newly-trained personnel operate the tour under supervision, giving them a chance to smooth out their skills and develop their guest service style in a secure, supportive environment.



Just as using the best quality materials available to build the tour is vital for the safe, professional operation of the tour the personnel must be of the highest quality as well. Although almost anyone can acquire the skills necessary to operate a canopy tour, zipline or rappel adventure, we recommend that you carefully screen applicants to choose those that have the personality traits and fitness levels that are most conducive to operating the tour professionally. As part of our project package, we’ll assist you in the process of screening and selecting operations personnel if you desire.


It’s not necessary for tour operations personnel to have any previous experience in high angle or rope-based activities as all the necessary instruction is given in the training program. In fact, we prefer individuals with no high angle experience at all as those with previous experience may have attitudes and habits that are not compatible with our systems.




In order to maintain operational integrity and the skill and professionalism developed in the training program, we offer annual refresher courses for the Tour Operation Technicians.


We also offer upgrade courses for personnel who have not participated in one of our courses previously and can provide advanced training in special areas such as guest service, element maintenance or risk management.