The equipment used in the canopy tour, zipline adventure or cave, canyon or rappel adventure is the component that permits the participant to reach and experience the tour elements and the high angle environment. As the equipment inventory required for a high-volume attraction represents a significant part of the project costs, obviously it’s vital to choose items that will not only do the job, but will continue to do so effectively over the long term. To that end we have found that the equipment needed for successful tour operations must meet four basic criteria:


  • Appropriateness - Not all high angle (climbing) equipment is suitable for tourism use – the high adventure tour industry is unique and relatively new and there is little equipment designed for our intense and specific usage, so you can’t just go down to the local sporting goods store and browse the ‘canopy tour section’! Choosing the right equipment requires a thorough understanding of high adventure tour operations as well as a detailed knowledge of the available products and the manufacturers’ recommendations for its use. Nothing short of this will ensure the equipment will work in a high adventure tour and meet the goals of a high-volume attraction.


  • Superior quality and durability - The equipment used on a high adventure tour gets heavy daily usage that goes far beyond that which is anticipated for most of the equipment on the market today. Naturally, if it’s going to hold up to the rigors of commercial use and maximize the investment longevity, the equipment must be of the best quality available. 


  • Manufactured to Recognized Standards - High angle equipment, like most products manufactured these days, is subject to review by international organizations like the European Committee for Standardization (CE/CEN), National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) or the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) among others. While most people would assume that anyone building or operating a tour would naturally use internationally-certified equipment, surprisingly that is not always the case. To cut costs, many canopy tours and ziplines use pulleys and even connecting and safety lanyards made by local companies whose manufacturing methods and quality have never been reviewed by a third party and whose products in some cases are not even intended for human transportation! Obviously, every piece of equipment used by tour participants must be designed for life support and be certified according to international standards – no exceptions!


  • Strong – Clearly the equipment used in a high adventure tour must be strong enough to support typical loads and then some! There’s only one way to know if a product is strong enough… it’s got to be tested and rated for strength by a reputable organization (which takes us back to the previous point). Strength ratings alone though are not enough; choosing the right equipment requires a thorough understanding of the forces that may be encountered on a high adventure tour.


The personnel at High Adventure Technology know exactly what equipment best meets these criteria because we’ve been using it ourselves and in our tours for over a decade! We’ll select the items that precisely outfit your guests for maximum safety and enjoyment and diligently plan your inventory requirements according to your operational goals.  We’ll also set up an inspection, maintenance and inventory control system and train your personnel to keep your equipment in top condition and protect your investment.


High Adventure Technology recommends the use of Petzl® brand equipment. Renowned for its superior quality, Petzl® equipment is internationally-certified and carefully evaluated and rated for strength. As well, the manufacturer provides detailed information and guidance in the appropriate use and care of its products. By using what is widely-recognized as the “best equipment available”, you have peace of mind and your company’s image is enhanced as with just a glance at your inventory, guests, brokers and vendors alike will be convinced that you’re committed to operating the most professional tour possible.


Petzl® is also distinguished for ground-breaking designs and the application of new technologies and is one of the few high angle equipment manufacturers to develop products specifically for the high adventure tourism market. This means your equipment is not only superior and durable but also fresh, innovative and appropriate.


As world-wide Petzl® dealers, we can provide you with all the equipment needed to meet your initial and future operational goals and advise you on inventory care and control and maintenance issues throughout your operation.